大学生vlog: uni diaries, hanging out w/friends, eating yummy food

going to try to be more consistent with uploads~
Thank you so much for watching!! 。.:*☆
I will see you all next time!! Have a beautiful day💗

✿ socials:
instagram: kuluasa

✿ timestamps:
0:00 preview
0:21 5AM morning routine
1:25 uni & cafeteria food
3:55 a crisis
4:14 casual uni & apples
5:15 lunch & cafe
6:09 uni & yaki udon
6:34 the weekend
7:38 1MIN of me & banana

✿ some things:
age: 19
filmed on: iPhone 13
edited on: vllo w/ iPad

♫ music:
✧VLLO BGM: take me away
✧[ᴅᴀɴɪ.ʜᴢ] NewJeans (뉴진스) - Hurt (ver. lo-fi)
✧[ᴅᴀɴɪ.ʜᴢ] ZICO(지코) - 아무노래 (Any Song) (ver.lo-fi)
✧Oneul (Bicycle): https://youtu.be/PTzFtrQhy30
✧Oneul (Cozy Room): https://youtu.be/mFP3W3H3blU
✧massobeats ('honey jam' lofi aesthetic music): https://youtu.be/HGMQbVfYVmI
✧えだまめ88 (Nothing 2): https://youtu.be/3bzQ4cmAM14
✧necobeam (フリーBGM Lo-Fi Chill): https://youtu.be/VWoGuUtX0iE
✧demongummies (cottagecore mix/enoki):https://youtu.be/M0xF_ZSUjNA
✧demongummies (newjeans but lofi): https://youtu.be/G_RKL0g5hEA

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