【Study Vlog】(ENG) 大学にこもって8時間資格勉強する1日🎓📚|勉強vlog|国試勉強👀📝|タイムラプス⏰|大学の図書館

皆さんこんにちは〜!! amme です🌧



これからは、大学でのstudy vlog もたくさん撮れたらいいな...🤭




Hello! My name is amme😳Thank you for watching ♡

This time, I stayed at university all day long, went to various facilities, and took video of the day I studied hard 📸✨️

Going to university for self-study is difficult for me if I don't have the spirit...😂
But when I went to university, I was inspired by people who were studying hard, and I could easily change the environment, so it might be better than I expected 🥰
From now on, I hope I can take a lot of study vlogs at university...🤭

On this channel, a video that makes your heart warm even a little bit and you want to do your best from tomorrow…...♡I wish I could show you such a video😳✊🏻✨

I would be very happy if I could get along with you through the comments, so please feel free to talk to me🥺💐

If you don't mind, I'll be waiting for your channel registration and high evaluation🙏🏻💗

⚠︎︎ All translation were done by LINE English Interpreter and I corrected it. Please understand that there may be some incorrect expressions🙏🏻💦


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