VLOG#30(ENG)🇯🇵college midterm vlog fall 2020 | 大学生のテスト期間🙃

~hi I'm back!🌳💖
college is hard🌝🌝 I hope you all enjoy this video!
I still have 2 exams left so a next video's also going to be a midterm vlog! 😂

midtermのvlogです!! ほとんど勉強してるシーンしかなくて、退屈かもしれませんが良かったら最後までみてください🌳🦔

🌼Who am I ?
- I'm a Japanese college student in my second year🎓
I vlog about my daily life in the uni with a mix of study, cooking, beauty etc 🙂

🌼Instagram - oki____11
🌼mail - aaaya49.9@gmail.com
🌼Twitter - Okisvlog__2020

MYSM - Soft Cream - https://thmatc.co/?l=F67D7B16
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